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a.k.a. Cormorant

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Front Cover Volume 32, Number 1 32 2004 PDF
Front Cover - Inside Volume 32, Number 1 32 2004 PDF
Masthead Volume 32, Number 1 32 2004 PDF
Contents Volume 32, Number 1 32 2004 PDF
Symposium: RADAR ORNITHOLOGY Volume 32, Number 1 32 2004 PDF
BURGER, A.E., CHATWIN, T.A., CULLEN, S.A., HOLMES, N.L., MANLEY, I.A., MATHER, M.H., SCHROEDER, B.K., STEVENTON, J.D., DUNCAN, J.E., ARCESE, P., & SELAK, E. Application of radar surveys in the management of nesting habitat of Marbled Murrlets Brachyramphus marmoratus 32 2004 1-11 PDF
DAY, R.H., ROSE, J.R., PRICHARD, A.K., BLAHA, R.J. & COOPER, B.A. Environmental effects on the fall migration of eiders Somateria spp. at Barrow, Alaska 32 2004 13-24 PDF
RONCONI, R.A., CASSADY ST CLAIR, C., O'HARA, P., & BURGER, A.E. Waterbird deterrence at oils spills and other hazardous zones: potential applications for a radar-activated, on-demand deterrence system 32 2004 25-33 PDF
HARPER, W.L., SCHROEDER, B.K., MANLEY, I.A. & DEAL, J.A. Direct comparison of tilted and untilted radar for monitoring Marbled Murrelet Brachyramphus marmoratus populations 32 2004 35-41 PDF
JOHANSSON, P. & THOR, G. Observations on the birds of the Vestfjella and Heimefrontfjella, Dronning Maud Land, Antarctica, 1991/92 and 2001/02 32 2004 43-46 PDF
TAKAHASHI, A., DUNN, M.J., TRATHAN, P.N., CROXALL, J.P.,WILSON, R.P., SATO, K. & NAITO, Y. Krill-feeding behaviour by a Chinstrap Penguin Pygoscelis antarctica compared to fish-eating in Magellanic Penguins Spheniscus magellanicus: a pilot study 32 2004 47-54 PDF
TREE, A.J. & KLAGES, N.T.W. Population size, distribution and origins of Antarctic Terns Sterna vittatawintering in South Africa 32 2004 55-61 PDF
TAYLOR, S.S., LEONARD, M.L., BONESS, D.J. & MAJLUF, P. Humboldt Penguins Spheniscus humboldti change their foraging behaviour following breeding failure 32 2004 63-67 PDF
OSTRAND, W., HOWLIN, S. & GOTTHARDT, T.A. Fish school selection by Marbled Murrelets Brachyramphus marmoratus in Prince William Sound, Alaska: responses to changes in availability 32 2004 69-76 PDF
FORD, R.G., AINLEY, D.G., CASEY, J., KEIPER, C., SPEAR, L.B. & BALLANCE, L.T. The biogeographic pattern of seabirds in the central portion of the California Current 32 2004 77-96 PDF
CUTHBERT, R.J. & SOMMER, E.S. Population size and trends of four globally threatened seabirds at Gough Island, South Atlantic Ocean 32 2004 97-103 PDF
AUMAN, H.J., WOEHLER, E.J., RIDDLE, M.J. & BURTON, H. First evidence for ingestion of plastic debris by seabirds at sub-Antarctic Heard Island 32 2004 105-106 PDF
AYALA, L., MENDOZA, C. & PEREZ, J. Two new breeding localities for Wedge-rumped Storm-Petrel Oceanodroma tethys kelsalli in Peru 32 2004 107-108 PDF
CASAUX, R. Beak deformation in an Antarctic Cormorant Phalacrocorax [atriceps] bransfieldensis chick 32 2004 109-110 PDF
CREUWELS, J.C.S., STARK, J.S., PETZ,W. & VAN FRANEKER, J.A. Southern Giant Petrels Macronectes giganteus starve to death while incubating on the Antarctic continent 32 2004 111-114 PDF
BENTLEY, M.J. Aerial predation by a South Polar Skua Catharacta maccormicki on a Snow Petrel Pagodroma nivea in Antarctica 32 2004 115-116 PDF
FIGUEROA, J. First record of breeding by the Nazcar Booby Sula granti on Lobos de Afuera Islands, Peru 32 2004 117-118 PDF
FURNESS, R.W. BOOK REVIEW: Seabirds - a natural history by Tony Gaston 32 2004 119-120 PDF
Instruction to Authors Volume 32, Number 1 32 2004 PDF

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