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a.k.a. Cormorant

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Front Cover Volume 33, Number 2 33 2005 PDF
Front Cover - Inside Volume 33, Number 2 33 2005 PDF
Masthead / General Information Volume 33, Number 2 33 2005 PDF
Contents Volume 33, Number 2 33 2005 PDF
PETERSEN, S. L., BRANCH, G. M., AINLEY, D. G., BOERSMA, P. D., COOPER, J., & WOEHLER, E. J. FORUM: Is flipper banding of penguins a problem? 33 2005 75-79 PDF
CARTER, H.R, SEALY, S.G., BURKETT, E.E. & PIATT, J.F. Biology and conservation of Xantus's Murrelet: discovery, taxonomy, and distribution 33 2005 81-87 Astract
KARNOVSKY, N.J., SPEAR, L.B., CARTER, H.R., AINLEY, D.G., AMEY, K.D., BALLANCE, L.T., BRIGGS, K.T., FORD, R.G., HUNT, G.L. JR., KEIPER, C., MASON, J.W., MORGAN, K.H., PITMAN, R.L. & TYNAN, C.T. At-sea distribution, abundance, and habitat affinities of Xantus's Murrelets. 33 2005 89-104 Astract
KEITT, B.S. Status of Xantus's Murrelet and its nesting habitat in Baja California, México. 33 2005 105-114 Astract
ROTH, J.E., SYDEMAN, W.J. & MARTIN, P.L. 2005. Xantus's Murrelet breeding relative to prey abundance and oceanographic conditions in the southern California bight. 33 2005 115-121 Astract
WOLF, S., PHILLIPS, C., ZEPEDA-DOMINGUEZ, J.A., ALBORES-BARAJAS, Y. & MARTIN, P. Breeding biology of Xantus's Murrelet at the San Benito Islands, Baja California, México. 33 2005 123-129 Astract
WHITWORTH, D.L., CARTER, H.R., YOUNG, R.J., KOEPKE, J.S., GRESS, F. & FANGMAN, S. Initial recovery of Xantus's Murrelets following rat eradication on Anacapa Island, California. 33 2005 131-137 Astract
HAMER, T.E., SCHUSTER, S.M. & MEEKINS, D. Radar as a tool for monitoring Xantus's Murrelet populations. 33 2005 139-146 Astract
NEWMAN, S.H., CARTER, H.R., WHITWORTH, D.L. & ZINKL, J.G. Health assessments and stress response of Xantus's Murrelets to capture, handling, and radio-marking. 33 2005 147-154 Astract
HAMILTON, C.D., GOLIGHTLY, R.T. & TAKEKAWA, J.Y. Characteristics of diving in radio-marked Xantus's Murrelets. 33 2005 155-159 Astract
HUETTMANN, F., DIAMOND, A.W., DALZELL, B. & MACINTOSH, K. Winter distribution, ecology and movements of Razorbills Alca torda and other auks in the outer Bay of Fundy, Eastern Canada. 33 2005 161-171 Astract
BORBERG, J.M., BALLANCE, L.T., PITMAN, R.L. & AINLEY, D.G. A test for bias due to seabird avoidance of ships when conducting surveys in the tropical Pacific. 33 2005 173-179 Astract
OTLEY, H.M. Nature-based tourism: experiences at the Volunteer Point penguin colony in the Falkland Islands. 33 2005 181-187 Astract
MUZAFFAR, S. B., HOBERG, E. P., & JONES, I. L. Possible recent range expansion of Alcataenia longicervica (Eucestoda: Dilepididae) parasitic in murres Uria spp. (Alcidae) into the North Atlantic 33 2005 189-191 PDF
PITMAN, R. L., BALLANCE, L. T., & BOST, C. Clipperton Island: pig sty, rat hole and booby prize 33 2005 193-194 PDF
PFISTER, T., PFISTER, B., JIMÉNEZ-SERRANÍA, V., DE-PEDRO-DÍAZ, D., SUÁREZ-GRACIDA, G., & DUBERSTEIN, J.N. Assessment of the nesting population of Double-crested Cormorants Phalacrocorax auritus albociliatus on Isla Alcatraz, Gulf of California, México. 33 2005 195-197 Astract
BOYD, H., LOGERWELL, E. A., RYAN, P. G., RONCONI, R. A., BURGER, A. E. REVIEWS: The speciation and biogeography of birds (by I. Newton); The Gulf of Alaska: biology and oceanography (ed. by P. R. Mundy); Marine conservation biology: the science of maintaining the sea's biodiversity (ed. by E. A. Norse & L. B. Crowder); A field guide to North Atlantic wildlife: marine mammals, seabirds, fish, and other marine life (by N. S. Proctor & P. J. Lynch); Rare bird: pursuing the mystery of the Marbled Murrlet (by M. M. Ruth) 33 2005 199-204 PDF
Back Cover - Inside / Instruction to Authors Volume 33, Number 2 33 2005 PDF
Back Cover Volume 33, Number 2 33 2005 PDF

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