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Front Cover Volume 34, Number 2 34 2006 PDF
Front Cover - Inside Volume 34, Number 2 34 2006 PDF
Masthead / General Information Volume 34, Number 2 34 2006 PDF
Contents Volume 34, Number 2 34 2006 PDF
NEWMAN, S.H., HARRIS, R.J. & TSENG, F.S. Beach surveys past, present and future: toward a global surveillance network for stranded seabirds 34 2006 87-90 PDF
FORD, R.G. Using beached bird monitoring data for seabird damage assessment: the importance of search interval 34 2006 91-98 Abstract
HELM, R.C., FORD, R.G. & CARTER, H.R. The Oil Pollution Act of 1990 and natural resource damage assessment 34 2006 99-108 PDF
HAMPTON, S. & ZAFONTE, M. Factors influencing beached bird collection during the Luckenbach 2001-2002 oil spill 34 2006 109-113 Abstract
HARRIS, R.J., TSENG, F.S., POKRAS, M.A., SUEDMEYER, B.A., BOGART, J.S.H., PRESCOTT, R.L. & NEWMAN, S.H. Beached bird surveys in Massachusetts: the seabird ecological assessment network (SEANET) 34 2006 115-122 Abstract
HEUBECK, M. The Shetland beached bird survey, 1979-2004 34 2006 123-127 Abstract
FLEET, D.M. A review of beached bird surveys within the Wadden Sea Trilateral Monitoring and Assessment Program (TMAP) 34 2006 129-132 Abstract
O'HARA, P.D. & MORGAN, K.H. Do low rates of oiled carcass recovery in beached bird surveys indicate low rates of ship-source oil spills? 34 2006 133-140 Abstract
ROBERTSON, G.J., RYAN, P.C., DUSSUREAULT, J., TURNER, B.C., WILHELM, S.I. & POWER, K. Composition of beached marine birds from an oiling event in southeastern Newfoundland 34 2006 141-146 Abstract
FRASER, G.S., RUSSELL, J. & VON ZHAREN, W.M. Produced water from offshore oil and gas installations on the Grand Banks, Newfoundland: are the potential effects to seabirds sufficiently known? 34 2006 147-156 PDF
WIESE, F.K. & ELMSLIE, K. Underuse and misuse of data from beached bird surveys 34 2006 157-159 PDF
ZYDELIS, R., DAGYS, M. & VAITKUS, G. Beached bird surveys in Lithuania reflect oil pollution and bird mortality in fishing nets 34 2006 161-166 Abstract
COLABUONO, F.I., FEDRIZZI, C.E. & CARLOS, C.J. A Black-browed Albatross Thalassarche melanophrys consumes a tern Sterna sp. 34 2006 167-168 PDF
WILSON, R.P. REVIEW: Seeking Nature's Limits - Ecologists in the Field (SJ Moore, ed) 34 2006 169 PDF
Back Cover - Inside / Instruction to Authors Volume 34, Number 2 34 2006 PDF

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