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Front Cover Volume 37, Number 1 37 2009 PDF
Front Cover - Inside Volume 37, Number 1 37 2009 PDF
Contents Volume 37, Number 1 37 2009 PDF
BUTLER, R.W. FORWARD TO SYMPOSIUM: Twenty years on: advances in ecological understanding of globally important birds in the Strait of Georgia, British Columbia, and Puget Sound, Washington 37 2009 1-2 PDF
THERRIAULT, T.W., HAY, D.E. & SCHWEIGERT, J.F. SYMPOSIUM PAPER: Biological overview and trends in pelagic forage fish abundance in the Salish Sea (Strait of Georgia, British Columbia) 37 2009 3-8 Abstract
BOWER, J.L. SYMPOSIUM PAPER: Changes in marine bird abundance in the Salish Sea: 1975 to 2007 37 2009 9-17 Abstract
ANDERSON, E.M., BOWER, J.L., NYSEWANDER, D.R., EVENSON, J.R. & LOVVORN, J.R. SYMPOSIUM PAPER: Changes in avifaunal abundance in a heavily used wintering and migration site in Puget Sound, Washington, during 1966-2007 37 2009 19-27 Abstract
GOLUMBIA, T.E., NYSEWANDER, D.R., BUTLER, R.W., MILNER, R.L., CYRA, T.A. & EVENSON, J.R. SYMPOSIUM PAPER: Status of breeding Black Oystercatchers (Haematopus bachmani) in the Salish Sea 37 2009 29-32 Abstract
JANSSEN, M.H., ARCESE, P., KYSER, T.K., BERTRAM, D.F., MCFARLANE-TRANQUILLA, L., WILLIAMS, T.D. & NORRIS, D.R. SYMPOSIUM PAPER: Pre-breeding diet, condition and timing of breeding in a threatened seabird, the Marbled Murrelet Brachyramphus marmoratus 37 2009 33-40 Abstract
HAMEL, N.J., BURGER, A.E., CHARLETON, K., DAVIDSON, P., LEE, S., BERTRAM, D.F. & PARRISH, J.K. SYMPOSIUM PAPER: Bycatch and beached birds: assessing mortality impacts in coastal net fisheries using marine bird strandings 37 2009 41-60 Abstract
O'HARA, P.D., DAVIDSON, P. & BURGER, A.E. SYMPOSIUM PAPER: Aerial surveillance and oil spill impacts based on beached bird survey data collected in southern British Columbia 37 2009 61-65 Abstract
GOOD, T.P., JUNE, J.A., ETNIER, M.A. & BROADHURST, G. SYMPOSIUM PAPER: Ghosts of the Salish Sea: threats to marine birds in Puget Sound and the Northwest Straits from derelict fishing gear 37 2009 67-76 Abstract
MCKINNON, L., GILCHRIST, H.G. & FIFIELD, D. A pelagic seabird survey of Arctic and sub-Arctic Canadian waters during fall 37 2009 77-84 Abstract
FERNS, P.N. & ROSS-SMITH, V.H. Function of coloured bill tips, stripes and spots in breeding gulls 37 2009 85-92 Abstract
JONES, I.L. REVIEW: Birds of the Aleutian islands, Alaska (by D.D. Gibson and G.V. Byrd) 37 2009 93 PDF
HIPFNER, M. REVIEW: Identification guide to North American birds. Part II-Anatidae to Alcidae (by P. Pyle) 37 2009 94-95 PDF
Back Cover - Inside / Instruction to Authors Volume 37, Number 1 37 2009 PDF
Back Cover Volume 37, Number 1 37 2009 PDF

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