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a.k.a. Cormorant

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Front Cover Volume 41, Number 1 41 2013 PDF
Front Cover - Inside Volume 41, Number 1 41 2013 PDF
Contents Volume 41, Number 1 41 2013 PDF
BAYLIS, A.M.M., CROFTS, S. & WOLFAARDT, A.C. Population trends of Gentoo Penguins Pygoscelis papua breeding at the Falkland Islands 41 2013 1-5 Abstract
WAUGH, S., CHAMPEAU, J., CRANWELL, S. & FAULQUIER, L. Seabirds of the Gambier Archipelago, French Polynesia, in 2010 41 2013 7-12 Abstract
AGNESS, A.M., MARSHALL, K.M., PIATT, J.F., HA, J.C. & VANBLARICOM, G.R. Energy cost of vessel disturbance to Kittlitz's Murrelets Brachyramphus brevirostris 41 2013 13-21 Abstract
TAYLOR, A.R., DANN, P. & ARNOULD, J.P.Y. Timing of breeding and diet of the Black-faced Cormorant Phalacrocorax fuscescens 41 2013 23-27 Abstract
KAPPES, M.A., COUSTAUT, K. & LE CORRE, M. Census of Wedge-tailed Shearwaters Puffinus pacificus breeding at D'Arros Island and St Joseph Atoll, Seychelles 41 2013 29-34 Abstract
BEAUBIER, J. & HIPFNER, J.M. Proximate composition and energy density of forage fish delivered to Rhinoceros Auklet Cerorhinca monocerata nestlings at Triangle Island, British Columbia 41 2013 35-39 Abstract
BOND, A.L., JONES, I.L., WILLIAMS, J.C., BYRD, G.V. Survival and reproductive success of Crested Auklets Aethia cristatella in the presence of introduced Norway rats Rattus norvegicus 41 2013 41-48 Abstract
BOWEN, T. The type locality of Craveri's Murrelet Synthliboramphus craveri 41 2013 49-54 Abstract
SCHOEN, S.K., KISSLING, M.L., HATCH, N.R., SHANLEY, C.S., STEPHENSEN, S.W., JANSEN, J.K., CATTERSON, N.T. & OEHLERS, S.A. Marine birds of Yakutat Bay, Alaska: evaluating summer distribution, abundance and threats at sea 41 2013 55-61 Abstract
GARNERO, A. DEL V., BOCCELLI, M., OLIVEIRA, J.C.P., LEDESMA, M.A., MONTALTI, D., CORIA, N. & GUNSKI, R.J. Chromosomal characterization of four Antarctic Procellariiformes 41 2013 63-68 Abstract
KULETZ, K.J., NATIONS , C.S., MANLY , B., ALLYN, A., IRONS, D.B. & MCKNIGHT, A. Brachyramphus murrelet trends and the Prince William Sound, Alaska, surveys: A response to Hodges and Kirchhoff 41 2013 69-71 PDF
KENNEY, L.A. & KALER, R.S.A. Identifying nesting habitat of Kittlitz's Murrelets Brachyramphus brevirostris: Old nests lead to a new breeding record 41 2013 73-74 PDF
TILLER, C.J., KLOMP, N.I., FULLAGAR, P.J. & HEYLIGERS, P.C. Catastrophic breeding failure caused by heavy rainfall in a shearwater colony 41 2013 75-77 PDF
LOCK, J. Behavioral exploitation of human maritime activities by the Great Cormorant Phalacrocorax carbo 41 2013 79-81 PDF
BURGER, A.E. REVIEW: The ocean of life: The fate of man and the sea (Roberts, C.) 41 2013 83-84 PDF
AINLEY, D.A. REVIEW: A field guide to the wildlife of South Georgia (Burton, R., ed.; Croxall, J., ed. consultant) 41 2013 84 PDF
DIVOKY, G.J. REVIEW: Effects of climate change on birds (Møller, A.P., Fiedler, W. & Berthold, P.J.A., eds.) 41 2013 84-85 PDF
Back Cover - Inside / Instruction to Authors Volume 41, Number 1 41 2013 PDF
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