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Front Cover Volume 41, Number 2 41 2013 PDF
Front Cover - Inside Volume 41, Number 2 41 2013 PDF
Contents Volume 41, Number 2 41 2013 PDF
SOUTHWELL, C. & EMMERSON, L. First population counts at newly discovered Adélie Penguin Pygoscelis adeliae breeding sites along the Wilhelm II, Queen Mary and Wilkes Land coastlines, East Antarctica 41 2013 87-89 PDF
CARDOSO, T.A.L. & ZEPPELINI, D. Distribution and seasonality of Magnificent Frigatebird Fregata magnificens on the coast of Paraíba, northeastern Brazil 41 2013 91-93 PDF
ANDERSON, D.W., HENNY, C.J., GODíNEZ-REYES, C., GRESS, F., PALACIOS, E.L., SANTOS DEL PRADO, K., GALLO-REYNOSO, J.P., & BREDY, J. Size and distribution of the California Brown Pelican metapopulation in a non-ENSO year 41 2013 95-106 PDF
Appendix 1
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Appendix 5
RAYNER, M.J., GASKIN, C.P., STEPHENSON, B.M., FITZGERALD, N.B., LANDERS, T.J., ROBERTSON, B.C., SCOFIELD, R.P., ISMAR, S.M.H., & IMBER, M.J. Brood patch and sex-ratio observations indicate breeding provenance and timing in New Zealand Storm-petrel Fregetta maoriana 41 2013 107-111 PDF
TAYLOR, S.A., MORRIS-POCOCK, J.A., TERSHY, B.R., CASTILLO-GUERRERO, J.A. & FRIESEN, V.L. Hybridization from possible sexual mis-imprinting: molecular characterization of hybridization between Brown Sula leucogaster and Blue-footed Boobies S. nebouxii 41 2013 113-119 PDF
TINDLE, R.W., TINDLE, L.E., VAGENAS, D. & HARRIS, M.P. Population dynamics of the Galápagos Flightless Cormorant Phalacrocorax harrisi in relation to sea temperature 41 2013 121-133 PDF
BOURGEOIS, K., WILSON, J.W., & DROMZÉE, S. First records of the Northern Giant Petrel Macronectes halli ashore on Gough Island 41 2013 135-136 PDF
FRASER, G.S., RUSSELL, J., ROBERTSON, G.J., BRYANT, R., & FIFIELD, D.A. Prospects for the Manx Shearwater colony on Middle Lawn Island, Newfoundland, Canada 41 2013 137-140 PDF
ZAKKAK, S., PANAGIOTOPOULOU, M., & HALLEY, J.M. Estimating abundance patterns of seabirds in the north Aegean Sea 41 2013 141-148 PDF
MAFTEI, M. First record of Franklin's Gull Leucocephalus pipixcan from Antarctica 41 2013 149-150 PDF
SHIRAI, M., ITO, M., YODA, K. & NIIZUMA, Y. Basal metabolic rate of the Rhinoceros Auklet Cerorhinca monocerata, as measured using respirometry 41 2013 151-153 PDF
DUFFY, D.C., MCKIGHT, A. & IRONS, D.B. Trans-Andean passage of migrating Arctic Terns over Patagonia 41 2013 155-159 PDF
HAYNES, T.B., CAMPBELL, M.A., NEILSON, J.A. & LÓPEZ, J.A. Molecular identification of seabird remains found in humpback whale feces 41 2013 161-166 PDF
HYRENBACH, K.D., HESTER, M.M., JOHNSON, J.A., LYDAY, S., BINGHAM, S., PAWLOSKI, J. First evidence of plastic ingestion by White-tailed Tropicbirds from O'ahu, Hawai'i 41 2013 167-169 PDF
BIN MUZAFFAR, S., BENJAMIN, S.D., & GUBIANI, R.E. The impact of fox and feral cat predation on the population viability of the threatened, endemic Socotra Cormorant on Siniya Island, United Arab Emirates 41 2013 171-177 PDF
BENNETT, S.G., BURKE, C.M., HEDD, A., & MONTEVECCHI, W.A. Comparison of Capelin Mallotus villosus in the prey loads of Common Murres Uria aalge and Northern Gannets Morus bassanus foraging from the same breeding site in the northwest Atlantic 41 2013 179-182 PDF
LUKSENBURG, J.A., & SANGSTER, G. New seabird records from Aruba, southern Caribbean, including three pelagic species new for the island 41 2013 183-186 PDF
WIDDUP, L. Reproductive success and chick growth of Pacific Gulls Larus pacificus in the Furneaux Group, Australia 41 2013 187-194 PDF
DANTAS, G.P.M., ALMEIDA, V.S., MARACINI, P., SERRA, S.D., CHAME, M., LABARTHE, N., KOLESNIKOVAS, C., SICILIANO, S., MATIAS, C.A.R., MOURA, J.F., CAMPOS, S.D.E., MADER, A. & SERAFINI, P.P. Evidence for northward extension of the winter range of Magellanic Penguins along the Brazilian coast 41 2013 195-197 PDF
WOEHLER, E.J., SAVIOLLI, J.Y., FRANCINI, C.L.B, NEVES, T. & FRANCINI, R.B. Insect prey of breeding South American terns 41 2013 199-200 PDF
HUYVAERT, K. REVIEW: The Feathery Tribe: Robert Ridgway and the Modern Study of Birds (D. Lewis) 41 2013 201 PDF
BAIRD, P. REVIEW: Winged Sentinels - Birds and Climate Change (J. Wormworth & C. Sekercioglu) 41 2013 202-203 PDF
FLINT, E. REVIEW: Hawaiian Birds of the Sea: Na Manu Kai (R.J. Shallenberger) 41 2013 204 PDF
Back Cover - Inside / Instruction to Authors Volume 41, Number 2 41 2013 PDF
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