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Front Cover Volume 43, Number 2 43 2015 PDF
Front Cover - Inside Volume 43, Number 2 43 2015 PDF
Masthead / General Information Volume 43, Number 2 43 2015 PDF
Contents Volume 43, Number 2 43 2015 PDF
GASTON, A.J. The development of Marine Ornithology: 2000-2015 43 2015 i-iii PDF
TIRTANINGTYAS, F.N. & HENNICKE, J.C. Threats to the critically endangered Christmas Island Frigatebird Fregata andrewsi in Jakarta Bay, Indonesia, and implications for reconsidering conservation priorities 43 2015 137-140 PDF
RODWAY, M.S., REGEHR, H.M., BOYD, W.S. & IVERSON, S.A. Age and sex ratios of sea ducks wintering in the Strait of Georgia, British Columbia: Implications for monitoring 43 2015 141-150 PDF
CRAGG, J.L., BURGER, A.E. & PIATT, J.F. Testing the effectiveness of automated acoustic sensors for monitoring vocal activity of Marbled Murrelets Brachyramphus marmoratus 43 2015 151-160 PDF
GRAFF, J.K., COLLINS, A. & CAKE, M.A. First documented at-sea records of "intermediate morph" Soft-plumaged Petrel Pterodroma mollis and clarification of polymorphism in the species 43 2015 161-164 PDF
ALAVA, N., CALLE, N., & ALAVA, J.J. Inshore feeding behavior of Blue-footed Boobies Sula nebouxii at Manta, Ecuador, during warming conditions in the equatorial Pacific Ocean 43 2015 165-167 PDF
WALKER, W.A, FITZGERALD, S.M., & COLLINS, P.W. Stomach contents of seven Short-tailed Albatross Phoebastria albatrus in the eastern North Pacific and Bering Sea 43 2015 169-172 PDF
FEARE, C.J., DIETRICH, M., LAROSE, C.S. & LEBARBENCHON, C. 2015. Injuries sustained by beached adult Sooty Terns Onychoprion fuscatus on Bird Island, Seychelles, during the breeding season 43 2015 173-177 PDF
RENNER, H.M., ROMANO, M.D., RENNER, M., PYARE, S., GOLDSTEIN, M.I. & ARTHUKIN, Y. Assessing the breeding distribution and population trends of the Aleutian Tern Onychoprion aleutica 43 2015 179-187 PDF
DAVIS, M.L., ELLIOTT, J.E. & WILLIAMS, T.D. Spatial and temporal variation in the dietary ecology of the Glaucous-winged Gull Larus glaucescens in the Pacific Northwest 43 2015 189-198 PDF
VANDERWERF, E.A, SMITH, D.G., VANDERLIP, C., MARIE, A., SAUNTER, M., PARRISH, J. & WORCESTER, N. Status and demographic rates of the Christmas Shearwater Puffinus nativitatis on Kure Atoll. 43 2015 199-205 PDF
JONES, C.W., RISI, M.M., KUNTZ, W., RYAN, P.G., STEINFURTH, A., & BOND, A.L. Bill deformities in penguins (Spheniscidae): a global review 43 2015 207-209 PDF
WILHELM, S.I., MAILHIOT, J., ARANY, J., CHARDINE, J.W., ROBERTSON, G.J., & RYAN, P.C. Update and trends of three important seabird populations in the western North Atlantic using a geographic information system approach 43 2015 211-222 PDF
CARLILE, N., PRIDDEL, D., O'NEILL, L., WHEELER, R. & WALRAVEN, E. A trial translocation of Little Penguin Eudyptula minor fledglings 43 2015 223-229 PDF
ULMAN, S.E.G., HOLLMÉN, T., BREWER, R. & BEAUDREAU, A.H. Predation on seabirds by Pacific cod Gadus microcephalus near the Aleutian Islands, Alaska 43 2015 231-233 PDF
SOANES, L.M., BRIGHT, J.A., BRODIN, G., MUKHIDA, F. & GREEN, J.A. Tracking a small seabird: First records of foraging behaviour in the Sooty Tern Onychoprion fuscatus 43 2015 235-239 PDF
STAHL, J.T., CAPITOLO, P.J., GRESS, F., CARTER, H.R. & LOWRY, M.S. Successful nesting by Brown Pelicans Pelecanus occidentalis on San Clemente Island, California, in 2011 43 2015 241-243 PDF
AL-SHEIKHLY, O.F. & AL-BARAZENGY, A.N. Occurrence of Heuglin's Gull Larus heuglini and Steppe Gull Larus (cachinnans) barabensis in Iraq 43 2015 245-248 PDF
VELARDE, E., RUIZ, E.A., AGUILAR, A. & GALLO, J.P. Black-vented Shearwater Puffinus opisthomelas nesting in the Gulf of California: a major extension of breeding range 43 2015 249-254 PDF
SMAR, S.M.H., GASKIN, C.P., FITZGERALD, N.B., TAYLOR, G.A., TENNYSON, A.J.D. & RAYNER, M.J. Evaluating on-land capture methods for monitoring a recently rediscovered seabird, the New Zealand Storm-Petrel Fregetta maoriana 43 2015 255-258 PDF
McCHESNEY, G., BAIRD, P., AYLING, T., & PITMAN, R. REVIEWS: The Devil's Cormorant: a natural history (King, R.J.); Collected papers of Michael E. Soulé: Early years in modern conservation biology (Soulé, M.E. with Peters, R.L.); Climate change adaptation plan for Australian birds (Garnett, S.T. & Franklin, D.C.); The amazing world of flyingfish (Howell, S.N.G.) 43 2015 259-262 PDF
Back Cover - Inside / Instruction to Authors Volume 43, Number 2 43 2015 PDF

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