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Owl depredation at a re-establishing colony of White-faced Storm Petrel Pelagodroma marina


1Department of Planning, Industry and Environment, Locked Bag 5022, Parramatta New South Wales 2124, Australia (
2Wiyanga Pty Ltd, 20 Godfrey Street, Penshurst, New South Wales 2222, Australia


CARLILE, N. & LLOYD, C. 2022. Owl depredation at a re-establishing colony of White-faced Storm Petrel Pelagodroma marina. Marine Ornithology 50: 133 - 141

Received 28 October 2021, accepted 13 April 2022

Date Published: 2022/10/15
Date Online: 2022/09/22
Key words: Barn Owl, colony establishment, owl depredation, White-faced Storm-Petrel


We report the depredation by a single Australian Barn Owl Tyto alba delicatula on prospecting White-faced Storm Petrels Pelagodroma marina during the re-establishment phase of a colony on Big Island, off Port Kembla, New South Wales, Australia in 2018. Storm petrels were likely extirpated from this colony 56 years previously when invasive weeds rendered their habitat inaccessible. Restoration of vegetation together with storm petrel call broadcasting, commencing in 2014, resulted in significant increases in prospecting numbers, culminating in breeding (three pairs) in the 2017/18 austral summer season. A significant depredation event (> 59 adults) occurred between August and September 2018, providing a set-back to colony establishment. Previously, Barn Owl depredation on Big Island had been limited to Silver Gulls Chroicocephalus novaehollandiae as prey. However, in the 2018/19 season, the gulls commenced nesting later than usual. The delay appeared to cause the owl to switch target prey. Despite the intense depredation pressure, at least two pairs of storm petrels attempted to breed in the 2018/19 season and 10 birds were trapped and banded at the commencement of the 2019/20 season. Discovery of the mainland roost of the owl was attempted between the two seasons, and its potential death by car strike was investigated. Our findings show that even a single individual predator can have significant impacts on seabird colonies establishing or re-establishing in island environments, especially those under restoration.


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