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Marine Ornithology: Journal of Seabird Research and Conservation is published by the Pacific Seabird Group on behalf of a consortium of seabird groups: African, Australasian, Dutch, Japan, and Pacific. The journal is overseen by a steering committee appointed by the supporting seabird societies.

Marine Ornithology (originally named, "Cormorant") was founded by John Cooper and the African Seabird group in 1976. Since 2000, the production of the journal has been taken over by the Pacific Seabird Group, acting on behalf of the consortium of seabird groups. It is currently run by a managing editor (Natasha Gillies, Canada), and an Editor-in-Chief (David Ainley, USA). There is an Editorial Board of Associate Editors who represent a broad cross-section of the disciplines involved in marine bird research.

Marine Ornithology is published both in hard copy and in electronic form at this, the Marine Ornithology website. For those browsing the electronic version of the journal, papers are available in Portable Document Format (PDF) so that they can be captured as exact facsimile of the printed version for reading or printing. There is no charge for viewing or downloading papers posted by Marine Ornithology. Marine Ornithology continues to be published in hard copy for those who wish to subscribe and for archiving in institutional libraries.

David Ainley, H.T. Harvey and Associates, USA

Managing Editor:
Natasha Gillies, University of Liverpool, UK

Editorial Assistant:
Martyna Syposz, University of Gdansk, Poland

Online Editor
Iain Duncan, University of Victoria, Canada

Associate Editors:
Thierry Boulinier, CEFE-CNRS, France
Alan Burger, University of Victoria, Canada
Glenn Crossin, Dalhousie University, Canada
Emily Choy, McMaster University, Canada
Peter Dann, Phillip Island Nature Park, Australia
Sebastien Descamps, Norwegian Polar Institute, Norway
Tony Diamond, University of New Brunswick, Canada
Dan Esler, Alaska Science Center, USA
Peter G.H. Evans, University of Bangor, UK
Nina Karnovsky, Pomona College, California, USA
Michelle Kissling, USFWS, Alaska, USA
Edward Kroc, University of British Columbia, Canada
Kathy Kuletz, US Fish and Wildlife Service, Alaska, USA
Nina O'Hanlon, British Trust for Ornithology, Scotland
Yan Ropert-Coudert, CNRS-CEBC, France
Sampath Seneviratnei, University of Columbia, Sri Lanka
Cristián Suazo, Justus Liebig University, Germany and BirdLife International, Chile

Technical Editors:
Kyra Nabeta
Rosalyn Johnson, RPJ Scientific Communications (
Gabriela Rangel (Latin America)

Book Review Editor:
Eric Wagner

Founding Editor:
John Cooper, South Africa

Pacific Seabird Group Communications Committee:
Jane Dolliver

Social Media Specialist:
Ingrid Pollet

Reber Creative,

ISSN 1018-3337 (Print)
ISSN 2074-1235 (Online)

For further information contact the Managing Editor at

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